Any discussion on the marketing world won’t be complete without involving the queen electronic medium: Despite the obviousdomination of television, radio is still a usable medium to reach smaller business owners. Also, the emergence of Internet-based radio broadcasts has opened new possibilities.

In fact, radio-based advertising can be much more affordable that we might think. There are golden rules that we need to consider if we plan to achieve success in TV and radio campaigns. In general, we should place ads on radio only when people are listening.

For the best results, we should keep radio ads placed tightly together. Like with newspaper and TV, repetition is also essential. One good thing about radio is that listeners are less likely to switch the station when an advertising message is being aired. So, consumers will more likely to know our address, web address, products and phone numbers.

However, unlike with newspaper, customers are not able to re-read the advertising. For this reason, we should make sure that commercials are placed close together in specific time slot. We should understand our audience and their typical demographics.

It is quite fortunate that radio offers very negotiable rates for advertising. We may also barter regular airtime by offering our services and products as contest prizes. Many listeners are quite loyal to specific DJs, so we should make sure that they support us by giving endorsements. They may personally read our advertising messages and this implied endorsement can actually be very effective because consumers are already familiar with those DJs.

For localized, small businesses; radio advertising is often combined with newspaper advertising. In this case, we may announce through radio that we distribute coupons in the newspaper. This is a good way to integrate radio and newspaper advertising. In fact, it is possible to negotiate for reduced ads rates on newspaper by using this kind of advertising.

Like with newspaper, placement is key, especially if we want to reach specific group of listeners with our radio ads. Some radio stations offer package plans. Before choosing such a plan, we should be aware that placement is key and it is possible that package plans don’t represent good placements.

It is possible that the radio station will air some of our advertisement very early in the morning or late at night when fewer people listen to them. We should make sure that our advertising messages are listened to by as many customers as possible. So, we should be discuss with the radio station and make sure that our messages are aired at proper times.

For many consumers, radio is still their great pastime and they can be particularly loyal. TV often offers significant persuasive power and it should work very well. However, there are golden opportunities that we need to consider and we could miss them if we don’t do things properly. Good radio advertising should have significant audience reach and provide instant validation. Although radio is no longer a new platform, it is still possible for us to obtain creative opportunities.



Any successful business should always decide to investigate true benefits related to TV advertising. This should allow them to take first steps to gain faster profits and more sales. Many businesspeople have been using TV advertising to significantly grow their profits. With the appearance of many locally established TV stations, small and medium-sized businesses are also flocking to this advertising method. Unfortunately, some companies come away bruised and battered, while others are gaining great opportunities. However, it is important to know how the TV industry as an advertising medium works.

This should be a perfect time for businesses to use available TV advertising options to improve their sales significantly. Airtimes have become quite affordable and there are specialty channels that allow us to better focus on our preferred market segments. TV also adds a degree of credibility to our business, unlike radio and various print methods. People tend to trust video-based content more because they can directly see and hear the products. Many people have achieved success through YouTube and we should also apply the same trategy to our local TV stations.

The most important thing is to send s clear and unique selling message. This should apply to all our marketing material, but it is especially true, because there’s a shorter window of opportunity. People can’t replay our advertising and re-read our copy. We need to provide our potential customers with very compelling reasons to learn much more about our services and products. In fact, it is perfectly to leave a lasting impression with only a 30-second TV advertising slot if we know how to design it properly. We should be sure that our messages are well designed and properly planned.

This can’t be achieved if we don’t have a very clear message. As an example, we should be able to show consumers that our products can delivers so many benefits and they could also solve many problems. In this case, we should define our unique selling propositions. Without this simple step, it would be difficult for consumers to differentiate our offers from those of our competitors. Boiling our information down to really clear messages can be both easy and difficult. We should start by asking ourselves why consumers want to buy from us. We could also ask why some people refuse to buy products from us. Make a list and be honest to ourselves.

We may also explain why consumers can get amazing benefits if they do business with us. Some products are really well designed that consumers can gain true benefits, so we need to convince them we are offering such products. We could directly show what our services and products will do for consumers. It is important to incorporate emotional appeals by showing reactions of actors or actresses on the TV screen. It is also a good idea to make sure that our products could deliver a sense of relief. In general, TV should be a perfect media to appeal our potential customers.