Design Ideas Inspired by Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Are you considering modern grey kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodel? This is a great choice because these cabinets can fit into so many different aesthetics and motifs. They provide an opportunity for so many styles and atmospheres as a neutral element to any kitchen. If you’ve decided on grey cabinets, but not much else, explore these three design ideas. Maybe one of them will jump out to you as the future of your kitchen!

Bright White

A great contrast to grey cabinets is white floors, walls, and furniture. Utilizing white as the main color of the kitchen allows the grey cabinets to truly stand out. You also have the opportunity to use the color white, in a variety of applications and textures. For example, large matte tiles can be used for flooring, but in contrast, smaller, glossy tiles can be used to create an intricate backsplash. The combination of white surfaces against grey cabinets creates a coordinated, crisp kitchen environment. And you always have the opportunity to bring color into the space in decorations or accent pieces.

Black and White

Another natural color palette to go along with modern grey cabinets is white and black. These two colors can be used when choosing wall colors, tiles, tables, and decorations. This design works well because no matter how much white or black you decide to go with, the colors all work together. White, grey, and black can be used equally or disproportionately, it doesn’t matter. The more white you use, the cooler and crisper the room will feels whereas a lot of black creates a warmer, intimate atmosphere. In a space with grey cabinets, white and black as main colors is an easy choice that results in a fresh look for your kitchen.

Shades of Blue

Perhaps you’re looking to introduce color alongside your modern grey kitchen cabinets. Different shades of blue could be a great choice for your space. This color palette allows you to design a cohesive space, without limiting yourself creatively. With all the shades of blue that exist, you are sure to find the exact elements you need for a kitchen remodel without settling for a color you don’t love. If you’re overwhelmed thinking about what shades of blue to use where in your kitchen, think about using a navy blue for flooring and walls and then accenting with furniture and decor in lighter hues of blue.

These three design ideas are all meant to make your modern grey kitchen cabinets stand out. But remember, no matter what design you decide to go with, it’s most important that you are happy with the finished product – your newly remodeled kitchen!

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