Planning To Move To Sydney – Know About All The Requirements


Planning to move to Sydney? It is an excellent choice because it is one of the great cities that have numerous career opportunities, top educational facilities, implausible beaches, unlimited entertainment options, and much more. All these make it a comfortable, healthy, and a wonderful place to start a new life.

People who want to move Sydney, Australia have to follow few steps like getting the required visa and documents of immigration, shipping household items, and house hunting. Experts will help you in understanding about essential things necessary to settle down abroad.

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About Sydney

According to the 2011 census, over 40% of residents, who were residing in Sydney were from abroad. People from different nations are moving to the city and other parts of Australia due to many reasons such as the location of Sydney, cultural diversity, climate, and others. Most of them are from countries like China, India, and Britain.

The influx of migrants not only made Sydney a rich city but also increased living cost and rental and property values as well compared to other cities in Australia.

Reasons to move Sydney

Sydney’s economy has proven stable and resilient, even during the world economic crisis. Always there is an improvement in Sydney’s economy. Recently, Sydney embraced a 10-year development strategy to create a sustainable economy and to make the city more environmentally friendly.

Sydney has attractive working and business opportunities with a strong economy. You can find numerous industries including medical care, corporate offices, tourism, hospitality, public sector, construction, and more that offer something for every worker.

Moreover, it has 5 universities that offer different courses, laboratories, music and art classes, and others for studies. With this, the city is attracting scholars as well.

Visa requirements

  • Before moving to the city, you have to know about the visa choices and application procedure. Familiarize with the sites that meet all the requirements and offer the correct visa. The following are a few requirements that help you in applying for a visa for Australia.
  • People who are non-native English speakers get evaluated with tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET, or CAE.
  • Qualifications and skills should be recognized by Assessing Authority.
  • Based on your country, visa category, intended occupation and a general health check-up is required,
  • People who are willing to shift to Australia have to sign the Australian Value Statement and must provide a penal clearance certificate before granting a visa and moving to the city, Sydney.
  • Expat assignments come under Employer-Sponsored visa that includes business visa (457). Under this visa, you can work and stay in Sydney for a maximum period of 4 years. To qualify this visa, you have to show proof of the proper experience and skills needed to fill up the selected position.

There are many interesting places in Sydney to stay and to visit. Gather information about the visa process clearly by contacting the best lawyer who guides you in the immigration process.

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