What Are the Various Types of LED lights Available?

During the last couple of years, LED lights have progressed very rapidly and its business has totally outshined all other varieties of lighting that was present in the market.

The main advantage of these LED lights is that they are very energy efficient and also a green source of lights.

Many of the problems that were present in the other lighting has been addressed by LED light and therefore it has become quite popular in the market.

Though LED lights are considered to be much expensive option as compared to other available light bubs available, however with significant reduction of utility bill, you can recover its additional cost within few months of use.

However, with mass production of these LED bulbs, the prices are also coming down slowly, however the advantages that offered by them has outweighed its price disadvantage.

Following are few different varieties of LED lights available in the market.    

General purpose bulbs

Following are few varieties of LED lights that are generally used in households or any offices and commercial centers:

    1. Light LED bulbs

Such type of LED bulbs can disperse light at a wide angle all throughout the room and used as reading lamps and few other common fixtures e.g. semi-flush or any flush-mount fixtures and fittings.

    2. Can lights

Can lights also called recessed lights can be fitted into sockets/cans mounted in the downlights and ceiling.

    3. Flood light bulbs

These LED bulbs have been designed for emitting strong, but wide light beam to illuminate broad area and mainly used in the exterior areas.

    4. Globe light bulbs

These globe bulbs can emit light in all direction and makes globe light bulbs an ideal light for bathrooms.

Accent/decorative/specialty bulbs

These lights are usually used for decoration purpose that you can find application in different celebrations and functions:

    1. Candle light bulbs

Candle bulbs or also called chandelier bulbs, can emulate the light like candle flame and can work best in the accent lighting or decorative fixtures and wall sconces.

    2. Track light bulbs

The application of track lights is found for directional lighting or task lighting for work area for highlighting something specific e.g. decorative features and artwork.

    3. Edison light bulbs

These Edison LED bulbs are for aesthetics and ambience and are best suited where decorative fixtures can be paired with various accents which can match certain theme of design.

    4. Tube light bulbs

They are also called linear light bulbs, and have functional style that is designed for few professional applications e.g. office buildings, work spaces and kitchens.

Special purpose bubs

These kinds of lights can be used almost anywhere based on the special requirements.

    1. SMD LED light

These are surface mounted device which are among the new LED lighting generation 

    2. COB LED light

These are chip on board lights which are also another LED of new generation technology and can provide denser light as compared to above SMD.

    3. Graphene light

This light has a LED which is the shape of filament which is graphene coated. It is going to be much cheaper than present LED bulbs and also can reduce energy bills by 10%.

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