Valentine’s Day Treats That Are Sweet, and Not Chocolate


If your sweetheart is allergic to chocolate, it can be a challenge to find Valentine’s Day treats. Here are some ideas for sweet treats that everyone can enjoy.

Baked Goods

Perhaps the category with the most variety available is baked goods. There are endless recipes that provide a romantic and Valentine’s Day feel that don’t have any chocolate in them whatsoever. You could find them at the local bakery, or make them yourself for an extra touch of love.

Raspberry muffins, crispy rice treats with pink sprinkles, or a cherry pie are all great ideas for starters. Pink colored cupcakes with vanilla frosting or cinnamon rolls with red hots are festive and delicious. If your special someone is allergic to chocolate stay away from red velvet flavored food because it usually contains cocoa, and check all sprinkle and decoration ingredients to make sure they don’t contain chocolate as well. You could always opt to go savory and make heart shaped treats that are appetizers instead.  

Chilled Desserts

The next category where you can find some delectable delicacies without cocoa is chilled deserts. Cremebrulee, cheesecake, mousse, and no bake pies can be silky and sweet for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. An edible arrangement made of fruit can be a fun gift to be delivered to their workplace, or a cookie bouquet.

Some alternative flavors that evoke the fresh, fun, and romantic tones of the holiday are lemon, lime, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, peaches and cream, caramel, and cinnamon. You could always opt for caramel popcorn, or other non-chocolate candies as well if you’re running short on time. Taffy, toffee, honey, and red licorice are all some options that are sure to please.

Ice Cream

Another fabulous category where there are lots of opportunities for flavor and fun is ice cream. Carvel cakes, gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet, etc, there are lots of varieties available for you to choose from to surprise your special someone

You could give them strawberry flavored Carvel cakes with a special message you’ve written on the top in gel icing, a pint of caramel or pecan flavored with vanilla, or a coffee flavored gelato with a gift card to their favorite coffee house. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day that isn’t chocolate. Just use a little creativity, think outside the box of chocolates, and enjoy the day.

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