Using Visuals to Power up Your Pitch Meeting

Pitching a new product to potential investors can be daunting. With the right visual aids you can help your investors see the value of your new invention.


The two main reasons you should use visual aids in your pitch meeting are time and communication. If your potential investors have a busy schedule or you are just one of several pitches they are seeing that day, standing out from the rest with the small amount of time you are given is paramount and visual aids will help you do that.

The second reason is to more effectively communicate your product’s function and value to them. It can be difficult for someone who has no knowledge of your item to grasp what its idiosyncrasies are in one meeting. By using visual tools you can help your audience see, feel, and grasp more details about your merchandise, so they can better understand what it is, and what it does. This is especially important if your product will be the first of its kind. Since nothing quite like it exists on the market yet, it can be very helpful to use custom 3D printing to make a replica or small scale model that investors can see and interact with during the meeting.


While visual aids are important, you can have too much of a good thing. If you use an abundance of props or slides they could dominate the presentation and the materials could choke out the message. Try to find a happy balance and gauge what your audience will require. If you are meeting with one or two people then a few visuals should suffice. If you are meeting with a large group you may want to have more.

Also keep in mind the size and capabilities of the room you will be holding the meeting in. Will there be power hookups for laptops or tablets? Do they have a projector and a screen? Will there be enough room to bring a model of the product in to showcase? These are all questions you should think about and have a presentation that can be flexible if needed.


Electronic slide shows can be effective, but require proper lighting and hookups. Poster boards can solve the electricity and lighting issue, but may be cumbersome to carry on elevators and through busy lobbies. Consider having a colleague or friend help you set up for the meeting so you can save time and effort.

Having physical representations of your product available for viewing or interaction is perhaps one of the best ways to visually power up your presentation. A small custom 3D printing of your object, or sample sizes available for testing are great ways to introduce your audience to your product and use effective visual aids for a memorable pitch.

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